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Animation – 3D

Lip Sync

I made these exercises for school.

The first one involving a track from Pulp Fiction, syncs properly on screen but when converted to QuickTime, drops frames, and becomes laggy.
I am still trying to rectify the problem, but meanwhile, hope you like my animation and choice of tracks 🙂



Character Animation – Work In Progress

I made this for the 11 second club,

an online animation competition

which attracts animators from all over the world.

We are provided with a short soundtrack, which we have to create narratives around.

My story is about a boy, a wolf, and their love for the game of hula hoops.

More entries can be found at



3D short film – BACON (WIP)

A Piggy Bank’s desires to go on a holiday to China, using the money that is inside of him.

He realizes too late, that retrieval of the money requires his imminent destruction.

Oh and also, he happens to be made in China, anyway.

The animation on this one is, admittedly, ghastly.

However, the premise has had largely positive reviews,

which inspires me to re-interpret it sometime in the future.



3D visual effects – WIP

My early attempt at making a rock shatter a large ice block.

3D visual effects is a specialized branch of sorcery which I have little talent for;

however, my later attempt for seniors’ film, “Drawing Memories”,

yielded a nomination at the 24th Singapore International Film Festival!

Read more about it on:


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