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Animation – StopMotion

The tests you see below were made in my 3rd year under the mentorship of the endearing Visiting Prof Ishu Patel from the National Film Board (NFB) of Canada. It trains a different part of our brains because shooting in straight ahead, with ephemeral media, can be quite daunting at first, but liberation comes soon after.


2nd Oil Experimental Animation Test

This one is still in the process of being shot.


1st Oil Experimental Animation Test


2nd Clay Experimental Animation Test


1st Clay Experimental Animation Test


Watercolor Experimental Stop motion test


2nd Sand Experimental Stop motion test


1st Sand Experimental Stop motion test





2nd Year Film – “The Keyholeman

The Keyholeman resides

in the crevices

of our inattentive eyes.

He breathes

like us;

He lives:

He dreams.

A keyhole is

a symbol

of our selfish human desires.

A box he finds;

he opens,

but is it empty?




“Bubblegum” is a cheerful story of a young lady’s daydreaming adventures; of her imaginations involving the consumption of bubblegum; of how dreams and reality can be eclectically mixed, into a happy story.



“One Fine Day”

“One Fine Day” is a short film about the cyclical nature of human life; of how monotony and the everyday can be mundane, yet interestingly represented.




“Nostrils” is a stop motion film I made for school.

It tells a story of human prejudice, and how despite our imperfections, we are all the same.


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