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Bird's Nest in a red box
Bird's Nest in a red box

Lee Jun Yi
Singaporean, b. 1987 

4" x 6"
Oil on board

The scarlet of the box
Signified the auspicious
And luxurious nature
Of the unassuming jewels it contained:

Three neatly arranged
Generically tart-shaped items,
Whose graying translucence
Paled in comparison to the actual box that held it.

Yet, they commanded a price
that only the rich could barely afford.

The “Bird’s Nest” is
the hardened remains
of a swift’s regurgitatory material –
its once-adhesive qualities gone;
it now rests on a shelf
awaiting consumption.

Grandma said
You need to eat them a lot
If you want beautiful skin
On your children.

I loved bird’s nest;
Cooked in a broth,
Its munificent sweetness
Rivaled cotton candy.

I always pondered how
the dried up salivary remnant of a bird;
bereft of smell,
Could magically adopt palatability
once converted to potage.

Years later it dawned upon me
That the tastefulness
Relied on the same recipe in cotton candy –
Sugar cane derive.



The above post was taken off from my painting site. More samples of my works can be found at: (linked at the side panel for your convenience),

which is basically a research project in which I collaborated with an absolutely wonderful Professor Bridget Grady, and 5 other delectable friends from my university. Do have a look and drop some comments there!

My friend Wei Tyng has recently uploaded some wicked new paintings for your visual pleasure 😉


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