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It began
From the very first hour;
This unorthodox pursuit
Of a ungratifiable romance.

Its funny how we
Both set eyes on you:
Maybe it’s your smile;
He says it’s your skin
(for me it was the Strawberry Field motif on your blouse.)

You must be flattered to know
How we’ve talked about you;
Our in-class exercises of
Looking over to see if you were looking
Became the main reason
For our attendance
(We’re sorry, sir.)

We even had a little competition
To see who gets more look-at’s:
He insists I win;
I’d rather not confirm.
He says you are
Important to him;
I think he’s serious
About you
(though with us guys you should never be sure.)

In my muddled-up head
I envisaged you both together:
Actually my old man
Once told me
About his lover;
About how he persuaded her
To settle for his pal;
Mr nice guy.
He liked her, you see;
They are still happy together today.

But maybe
I’m getting ahead of myself:
The size of this island prevents
My status as the protagonist
Of a present-day Film (derived from
A novel derived from
An autobiographical song by
My favorite British quartet.)
you are too premium for my palates.

An eternal love
I cannot offer;
A fitful blessing seems
too hypocritical.

I just want you to know
you’ve got a beautiful name.



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