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Excerpt of a feature-length science-fiction film script I’m working on, “Masalia”.

The premise of the film is an under-achieving old man’s adventure in an alternate Universe as its world-saving avatar:

“Scene 6

Once again, I am not a species of the inferior gene pool you call, “horse”. It is unfortunate that a few mutated specimens of our kind had to escape through that worm hole portal many years back, and became acquainted with your kind. I, sir, am a noble humped unicorn.

This is the first time I’m talking to an animal!

Never mind that! Trebor, as you shall be known in this realm, are the 55th avatar of our deity Masa. And as avatar, I reckon there’s a few things to note. I would recommend you refer to your avatar guidebook…

ROBERT gives a blank look.

…Which, can be found in your one-of-a-kind avatar sling pouch hanging at your waist.

ROBERT looks down to his right trunk.


ROBERT digs into the pouch.


ROBERT holds onto a torn and tattered book, hard-covered with a metal spine, a cloth protective layer, and the stitched-on words:
“Dummies guide to: Avatar-ism.”

ROBERT flips open the front cover, and there are no words inside. Surprised, he flips through all the pages, but there are still no recognizable images. He looks helplessly at DESTINY.

(Rolling his eyes)
Remind me that you came from a technologically-backward society…This is not a flip book. You’ve got to exert pressure on the spine.

ROBERT closes the book and presses on its spine, gingerly. Nothing happens. Clumsily, he then exerts himself on the spine, which sinks in like a button, and creates a rotary sound, like a dynamo. ROBERT then presses it a few times, and as the momentum of the inner mechanism picks up, out pops a black hologram. The book plays an introductory tune (like an 80s educational video), and starts to verbalize its text. The hologram is a amateurish video that changes scenes with the voice-over of the book.

Welcome! Through the hands of cosmic randomity, you have been appointed as the 55th avatar of Masa.

The hologram shows a montage of various avatars, including a tapir and a rhino beetle.”


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